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Pastor Hunter’s Bio

IMG_0074Rev. Boykin Hunter, Jr.,  was one of our associate ministers, he served as pulpit conductor.  In (2009) he was named the interim pastor.  Some of the accomplishments under his leadership are: we have had two church clean-ups, a youth fun day, a women’s conference, a men’s fellowship breakfast, a church t-shirt drive and we have begun in Wednesday night bible study to study other books.  We completed “The Blessings of Obedience” by Andre Murray.

The Deacon Board deleted the annual days from the church calendar (i.e. Deacon and Trustee, Women, Youth, Missionary, Choir and Men Day).  We still however, have Homecoming (Church Anniversary).  The Women of St. Joseph held a Women’s Conference and spirit-filled women throughout the city came with a word for God and blessed the women in attendance, young and old.

During 2009 with the leadership of our moderator, Rev. Tommy Lewis the four men on trial for deacons were ordained.  They are Deacon Roy Cox, Deacon Kimble Pettway, Deacon Joe Richardson and Deacon Eddie Smith, Sr.

During the Church Business Meeting of 2008, Rev. Hunter introduced the Seed Sowers of Faith project.  To be a member of the Seed Sowers, a member would give $700 in seven months.  Church members began to join immediately and this project was a great success.  The Seed Sowers was extended to the end of the year.

The Search Committee completed its task.  It took applications from all around the city, state and country but in the end God sent us a pastor from among us.  Rev. Boykin L. Hunter, Jr. now serves as pastor.  The Search Committee did an excellent job with the process. They set up an official election which was well organized and beautiful.  With their task complete they disbanded. On Sunday June 27, 2010 Rev. Boykin L. Hunter, Jr. was installed as the pastor of St. Joseph Baptist Church. Pastor Hunter is married to First Lady Sykina Hunter.

The Seed Sowers of Faith, a project introduced by Rev. Hunter, still continues today and more members have become a part of it.   Anyone can sow a seed of whatever amount God has blessed them. This has been a tremendous help to the church financially. God continues to fill our Pastor, Rev. Boykin L. Hunter, Jr.  with wisdom and knowledge,  Rev. Hunter continues to feed us so that we may have fuel to keep our lamps trimmed and burning.  God’s Word is going forth and not returning to him void.  Person’s committing and rededicating their lives to Christ and being baptized in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit continues to be on the rise at St. Joseph.  Rev. Boykin Hunter continues to teach, and preach the word of our Lord and savior, and we stand firmly on his word that  Jesus Christ is the Alpha and Omega;” We can do all things through Christ which strengthens us…”